On hyper-racism & speciation, pt. 1

As a preliminary to an exploration of “racism” in The Book of Mormon (spoiler alert: God, not a fan of human reproductive autonomy, is hyper-racist), some news on the progress of hyper-racism—

Tinder has been operating a members-only version of the platform called Tinder Select, which is meant to serve only the elite users on the app, including CEOs, super models, and other hyper-attractive/upwardly affluent types. … [I]t doesn’t seem like Tinder is using Tinder Select as a way to build hype, but rather as a truly stealthy layer of the platform for the most attractive, eligible 1 percent. After all, six months (at least) seems like an inordinate amount of time to test a product without announcing it.

—along with a compact anatomy of other elite dating apps.

Normally, I’d post this as a comment to xenosystems.net (XS), probably right here, but the threads over there have recently become a little, uh, puerile. Instead, here it is, befouling my nice new quotey-quote blog with a rather batrachian and underlit topic. Which means I should give some context for those who don’t read XS.

Hyper-racism is not super-racism, as in an escalation of conventional, ordinary, existing racism. It’s not even racism, in the sense of discrimination or prejudice. What it is is “assortative mating on the basis of SES [socioeconomic status],” the differentiation of the rich by means of sexual selection. Aided by technology, it’s accelerating toward speciation:

Assortative mating tends to genetic diversification. This is neither the preserved diversity of ordinary racism, still less the idealized genetic pooling of the anti-racists, but a class-structured mechanism for population diremption, on a vector towards neo-speciation. It implies the disintegration of the human species, along largely unprecedented lines, with intrinsic hierarchical consequence. The genetically self-filtering elite is not merely different—and becoming ever more different—it is explicitly superior according to the established criteria that allocate social status. … If SES-based assortative mating is taking place, humanity (and not only society) is coming apart, on an axis whose inferior pole is refuse. This is not anything that ordinary racism is remotely able to process. That it is a consummate nightmare for anti-racism goes without question, but it is also trans-racial, infra-racial, and hyper-racial in ways that leave ‘race politics’ as a gibbering ruin in its wake. [My emphasis.]

The fingers of the WEIRD, or the cognitive elite, or the 1% (whatever grouping of the haut monde you prefer) are poking their way into the stranger realms of biopolitics, one right-swipe at a time.

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