Serviceable sentences, 40/10,000

Agency and intelligence are the same thing.
—@rec0nciler, [888234752741920768], (20 July 2017)

[h/t @Outsideness. That tweet disappeared as I was making this post. Most Mormons, given our religion’s emphasis on agency & intelligence, would recognize this identity as expressing a very deep insight. A Mormon better drilled in our orthodoxy than I would be able to refine the overlap between the two through scriptural exegesis, probably citing these two verses somewhere along the way, but I am not that Mormon. I’ll just point—👇—to this sentence’s alphanumeric sum.]


Serviceable sentences, 31/10,000

I remember his telling me, with sly satisfaction, about a visiting French professor, who had asked, when it was explained to him that someone was an authority on Chaucer, “Il est intelligent tout de même?”
—Edmund Wilson, “Christian Gauss as a Teacher of Literature” (1952)

(Cf. Peter Elbow, from the “Introduction to the Second Edition” [1998] of Writing Without Teachers [1973]: “I spent a year trying to write a dissertation about metaphor—and language and thinking and learning and truth and reality. … But this topic was too large a swamp for a dissertation and so I turned to Chaucer whom I loved.”)