UF_blog on broad spectrum nihilism

An addendum to “Serviceable Sentences, 12/10,000“:

[1.] Religious tradition moderates political intensity (in the West):
HT @TruthVector1

[2.] … Is the big story behind the reconstruction of the political right actually about the ebbing of traditional religion, now cross-partisan?

[3.] … The C-word conservatives still have churches outside their Twitter timelines — but that now makes them a fading anomaly.

[4.] … The history of nihilism is the transcendental narrative.

— Urban Future (2.1) (@UF_blog) 23 February 2017.

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Nihilistic rot is not limited (no longer limited?) to the left. Its right-wing variant points to religion as its antithesis.

Why “religion” and not the more careful “traditional religion” or “religious tradition”? In English, we speak of tradition when deploring its absence. Better to say human religion here. What happens in churches is meatspace hierophany. What happens in cyberspace is closer to idolatry: technophaneia, the accelerating appearance of a technocapital singularity; inhuman religion, not non-traditional. “I tell thee what: get thee to church.”

Of tangential interest: both Fuck Theory‘s and Outsideness‘s Twitter accounts were suspended today.